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Watergate Reflected

Watergate Reflected, originally uploaded by peroty.


DSCF0889, originally uploaded by peroty.

People of the internet


Public Discourse

You are aware that you can listen to him speak on education AND not agree with what he says, right?

You are aware you still have the ability to think for yourself, right?

You are aware he's not going to force ideas upon your children, right?

You are aware children can think and decide for themselves, right?

Maybe he has some good ideas.

You'd never know.

Maybe he'll say something interesting.

You'll never know.

Maybe he'll give away $100 to everyone there.

You'll never know.

I am beginning to think it's not possible to have a public discourse in this country any longer.

I am scared for the next 4 years in this country.

As those who are living in fear continue and try to drag the rest of us into it.

And the din increases.

And the irrationalist sensationalist actions increase.

Where does it take us?

At what point do I become afraid to have my own thoughts and my own opinions?

Medium over Message

The medium doesn't matter. Ever.
You could be furiously scribbling into a notebook fueled by black lights and caffeine.You could be typing frantically into Xanga, LiveJournal, Myspace, Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter, Textpattern, or some home-brewed app. The medium isn't important. It's the message.

As a geek I tend to get distracted by the newest, shiniest blogging platform. Some new way for me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto "paper" to be shared or just to get released. To a degree I've cared too much about where and how my words were displayed.

Writing was always my release. All through school from 7th grade, where I had a teacher who introduced me to the power of my own written words. All through high school and some of college. I wrote.

I wrote poetry. Rambling prose. Techno-laced metaphor mind trips into my deepest fears. In college, humor was the refuge of my passion. I wrote an anonymous humor column for a few years. Until my time ran out as did the funny.

Nowadays, there's such stigmas about certain places. Livejournal is seen as a wasteland of whiny teens penning complaints to their peers. Xanga is practically the lower caste. Not to be spoken of by any "serious" writer. Myspace is... well... simultaneously the meeting place of musicians and artists and a place I actively avoid due to its eye-bleeding graphics and pages. It's the worst of Geocities/Xoom/Homestead 1990s reincarnated.

Then there's Facebook, the college public square. Now infested with the same skeevy corporations who push credit cards for T-shirts online as they do on campuses.

And of course Twitter, the medium quickly becoming the goto spot for.... everything. Promotions. Announcements. News-sharing/gathering, inane breakfast lists, and anything else you can possibly think of.

It's not where you write, it's what you write.

I started a blog in 1998 as a badly-coded HTML page on my members.xoom.com page. After they were turned into nbci.com and killed the hosting I moved to Xanga where I wrote for a few years. Then LiveJournal when I was able to secure an invite. (Remember those days?)

Then I experimented with Wordpress/MovableType/Textpattern/Expression Engine and a hand full of others until finally deciding to live in the Textpattern camp.

And now, I'm more in favor of Tumblr's simplicity and ease of posting and sharing. Mix in a bit of twitter and it's a delectable soup of inane banter and commenting.

My blog withers away while I try to find my voice and my focus. As this piece wanders haphazardly along so does my writing.

What I'm trying to say is it doesn't matter where you write or how your words make their way into the world. Just write. Just let out the feelings and stories locked inside your head.

Find a lovely font to type in or a comfortable pen and favorite notebook and let the words flow.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter the medium. It's the message that's important.
I have NOT been selected to win a Nintendo Wii. I already have a Nintendo Wii. I hate talking ads! I hate LOOPING talking ads most of all.

Livejournal... what the hell happened to you???

P.S. I see that bouncing iPhone to the right of this page. I HAVE NOT ONE ONE OF THOSE EITHER! But at least it doesn't talk to me.

P.P.S. Is this a tactic to get me to pay for your service? I'm much happier at Tumblr/Twitter which are free and DO NOT post talking ads at me!

Aug. 12th, 2009

Does anyone read this thing anymore?
Not that there's much here to read...

Comment if you do and I will do a better job cross-posting. If not, I will probably delete it.

Office Hijinx

C: Did you break the network this morning to make M's day?
D: lol what's broken about it
C: 4th floor has no network apparently.
D: ah i had no idea
C: some "network" guy you are. ;)
D: nobody alerted me!
C: M walked in the door and ran upstairs. That's why.
D: im sure someone called him right up
C: surely.
D: maybe i should offer him some assistance...
C: perhaps. I don't know what's broken about it. E just mentioned it this morning.
D: i'll get my coffee and muffin first and then offer to help
C: That is proper protocol.
D: priorities
C: You fit in well. :)
D: i cant help you if im not properly nourished
C: Exactly. Then you're a liability.
D: i guess i'd better go track down M... and bring him some tissues for the tears that are invevitably streaming down his face right now
C: Quite possibly. I assume he's on 4 somewhere. Since it's where the network is down, and the server room is. lol But he has a BB. Or just call out Marco! and see if he answers.
D: i'll disable the network on the 7th floor to get his attention
C: Good idea. Half the floor doesn't arrive until 10 and the other half is simply undeserving.
D: lol


Where did Christianity go so wrong? I say this as I continue “investigating” a certain church (their term not mine).I see the love that Christianity was built on. The tolerance, the Golden Rule! And I see it perverted to carry out hate speech and hate crimes against people. This is no different than Racism of the 1960s (and today). This is no different than the persecution our forefathers fled Europe to avoid.

This is hatred which is unfounded in the religious texts. Sure, you can say “homosexuality is wrong” but I don’t see where ti says “do unto others as you’d have then do unto you, unless they’re gay” I missed that part. Is it in your version of the book?

This is partially why I have avoided proper religion for so long. The people who pervert it’s name and its intention to bring about pain to our fellow man, woman, and child. We wonder why there’s so much killing and hate in the world. Yet, it gets perpetuated through religious doctrine and teaching.

If you claim to act in the name of Jesus or of God, you act in the name of righteousness, love, compassion, understanding and charity.

If you invoke the names of Jesus or God in your hatred, you are not worthy to step foot into their house.

Just my two cents.

Pocket Camera Replacement?

I lost my beloved Canon SD1000 Digital Elph camera. It went with my everywhere, and subsequently fell out of my pocket on the metro en route to work yesterday.

I need a replacement. I want something small (pocket sized), preferably something similar since I have extra batteries and such for it and I like Canon’s gear.

What do you all use and love? My one major gripe with the SD1000 was the grainy photos, even in decent lighting. I know it’s a lot of task from a pocket sized camera, but is there a better choice?

Before you go offering any DSLRs, I know I want one but the time financially is not right to make that leap. So let’s keep it under $400 or so.

So tell me, what do you all love, use, drool over in store windows or online stores?